Herman Hochberg: Meeting the Monsignor, the boys, and the Pope

I met the Monsignor when he named me the honoree of the Nassau Dinner. Later that year, my wife Polly and I were in Rome on vacation and she suggested I call "that nice Monsignor that honored you." We ended up spending a day at Boys' Town with the children. At the end of our visit, the Monsignor asked me if I'd like to meet the Pope. He sent a car to get us the next morning, and before I knew it, I was shaking the hand of Pope John Paul II!

I called the Monsignor again when I got home to thank him and ask how I could ever repay him for such an incredible experience. He told me, "Herman, I need your help." Thirty-one years later, and I'm still chairing the Wine & Spirits Dinner because of that conversation.

Herman Hochberg, A Chance In Life Board Member