Barbara Di Giovanna La Sala: A Family Tradition

We knew Monsignore well. My father, Anthony Di Giovanna, visited Boys Town in Rome frequently and accompanied Monsignore when he visited the US for donations. When my father visited with Monsignore and the children at Boys Town of Rome in 1959, he gave each citizen a $1.00 US bill. My mother, Clara, was a constant donor and requested donations to Boys Town when my father passed away in 1967. My uncle, Eugene Cella, left a large donation to Boys Town in his will when he passed away in 1977. Our youngest daughter, Linda, visited Boys Town in Rome when she was a student there in 1984. She enjoyed lunch with Monsignore and the children. My husband and I attended many of the dinner/receptions in New York to support Boys Town and visited Boys Town in Rome frequently. So you see, we have had a very long and favorable relationship with Monsignore and his organization!

Barbara Di Giovanna La Sala, Donor