Sarah Michael: Investing in Youth

My first encounter with A Chance In Life was at the 2015 NY Annual Gala. I volunteered for the next three years at the gala with this organization and I'm so grateful to witness the evolution of A Chance In Life and the expansion to other countries.

The mission of giving at-risk youth a chance in life screams at me every time I read another news story of war-torn countries, religious conflict and economic disaster. The political crisis in Syria or the lack of education and resources in Africa can leave one feeling helpless and confused. With A Chance In Life I know firsthand that I am contributing to the future of these nations by investing in the youth. All of the staff and volunteers care deeply about the status of the unspoken youth of the world. Their concern is evident in all of their efforts and the rewards of their labor shine in the smiles of the children.

Growing up in NYC, I've seen firsthand how giving opportunity to young people can go a long way. A scholarship or a mentorship is the difference between a high school or college graduation. There are not only long-term benefits of helping at-risk youth, but the instant gratification of knowing that God is there, listening to their hearts and working in favor of all prayers.

Sarah Michael, Donor and Volunteer